How Do I Know If My House Is Haunted?


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You must have a suspicion if you are asking. Check to make sure you aren't just hearing or seeing natural house settle sounds. Bangs, groans, squeaks etc can usually be found NOT to be paranormal. Something scraping across the floor, dragging across the ceiling or walls, or doors that slam in windowless rooms, those might be attributed to haunted behavior.

Of course, if you are hearing voices and do not live in an apartment house, check around. Sound is a funny thing, it can travel quite far. Vents make sounds when wind goes through it, check it out before you come to the conclusion of a haunting.

If you need more information,be sure to contact me. I have been experiencing the paranormal for over fifty years. God gave me these gifts, and I try to help as many people as I can. Blessings, Ghostseer
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You can figure out whether your house is haunted by doing planchet.The ghost won't show up directly but while planchette the coin may change it's position or the objects in the room may be a little different from the way they were before doing planchet.Planchet is not always a game. Believe me, it really works at times. I have done it.
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I think my house was a funeral home how do I found this out
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 I think ull know if you hear creeks,groans,and footsteps. And at the same time you could b hearing things that r not ghost it could b that your house is old...:)

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