What Is The Spiritual Impact Of Salah In Islam?


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'Salah' means prayer. The impact of 'One call' are deep. In fact when a prophet of God is present amongst us we find him as the bridge to God. His words are considered as God's words. Relating to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), God says in the Holy Quran, "Whatever he says is to teach you and purify you. If he had said anything by his own will, We who have given him birth, swore that we would have cut him by his throat". This is what he said about the person whom He loved the most.

After a prophet, the next wisest and righteous among the followers, is lead by God to be chosen as the Caliph. When people agree to the piety and wisdom of that person, their belief on his words is strong. This is required to keep the teaching and people intact and unified. The call of 'Salah' has a similar effect. The person whom they have seen remaining all day in the mosque, whom they have judged through sermons, and whom they have seen in daily life matters, is sub-consciously considered to be the call for guidance.

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