What Is The Character Of Hazrat Umar?


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Umar was considered a staunch believer and an upright person, not just as a Caliph but also as a human being. He was also a warrior and a man of principles due to which the Prophet had hoped that he would embrace Islam. Infact there is this instance reported in the Quran, that the Muslims were supposed to make a certain decision for the prisoners of war. Umar's position was defended by God himself that had his wrath incurred on all the people Umar would've been the only one to survive. Many of the verses of Quran were revealed and were said to have been in conformity with Umar's wishes like the Purdah of women for instance, or the Islamic Sanction on consuming alcohol and gambling. Umar was an upright person and was known to be very fearless and uncompromising when it came to his principles and was never known to be the person who would take the easy way out of a situation.
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Read Tarikh al Tabri ..

Read Sihah Sitta(6 Hadees book) properly with the presence of your attention and intention to know about the truth.You will know how your Ulema had made a fool out of you by fabricating bias stories about the khalifaa's. Infact, Except 4th Khalifa , None of them where educated. You can not find their authentic Geneology either!!! What a disgrace to mankind, whoever follow's islam blindly. Quran has ordered us to know our past. Do not just listen to stories. READ! Research, Know the truth.


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