What Was The Cause Of Fight Between Hazrat Aisha (R.A) And Hazrat Ali (R.A)?


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Can you add more details?
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It occurred when Othman (pbuh) was accused by the mob of misappropriating the treasury for his own family and associates. Two groups (among others) arrived to complain. Othman sought Ali's (pbuh) advice and it was given but after Ali left, another person advised Othman to send the Egyptian group into a valley nearby and wait there and then, to tell the remaining group that the Egyptians had listened to Othman's explanation that their was no theft of the zakat treasuries and that they had been satisfied and returned to Egypt. The mob reacted suddenly because of course, the mob itself had come with its own complaints and really didn't care what the Egyptians thought (even if it was a lie) so this group stormed the residence and killed the Caliph. There are some other details regarding who was actually in the house but if I remember correctly, it was only some women and children and no one really capable of defending him. Ali had already returned to his residence. His advice to Othman was that he should simply tell the truth to the mob and promise to correct his behavior in the future re: The funds.

It isn't really clear that anyone ever accused Ali of being complicit and really, his only complicity was in leaving Othman alone to defend himself against an event that Ali had no awareness was going to happen because he assumed Othman would and should follow his sage advice. I cannot remember who the advisor was however that gave Othman the bad advise to misrepresent the Egyptians departure.

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