Who Was Hazrat Umar (God Be Pleased With Him)?


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Hazrat Umar (God be pleased with him) was a great reformer and king of the time. After the death of Hazrat Abu bakar Siddique he became the second Caliph of Islam. He was born in Makkah city in a noble tribe of Quraish. He was given the title of "Farooq" after he embraced Islam. He was a literate person among a very few people in Makkah.

He was tall, strong with broad shoulders and wonderfully brave man. He was also a very great wrestler, horse-ride and swordsman. He was a business man by occupation. He was an enemy of Islam but an incident changed his life and he embraced Islam on the hand of Hazrat Muhammad, the last messenger of Allah. His conversion to Islam gave great courage to the Muslims and to the mission of Islam.

Afterwards, he remained very close to the Holy Prophet . Hazrat Umar participated in the holy wars and proved a great strength to the Islam. He remained Caliph for 11 years and served the Islam at its best. He conquered a vast emperor during the 11 years of his Khilafat. He introduced a great system of administration, which served as a model during the whole of Islamic history and even today this model is in practice in Europe and other parts of the world. The world is being benefited by his reforms and will always remember his as a great warrior and just ruler.
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Hazrat Umar was the second Caliph of Muslims.After the death of Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH),Hazrat Abu Bakr became the first Caliph of Muslims.Then when he died ,Hazrat Umar Farooq was appointed as the second Caliph.In his reign of rule ,he made sure that every one gets justice at his doorsteps.The Muslims also conquered many regions in Iran , Syria and near-by areas.
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Hazrat Umar the second caliph of Islam was born at Mecca in 580 A.D. His date of birth is not confirm yet approximately he was ten years younger from prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him. He belongs to Adi clan of Quraish which was one of the ten clans of Quraish in Mecca. Quraish is a name of a tribe.
He was a merchant and one of the richest merchants of Mecca. First he was a great enemy of Islam. Later on he embraced Islam because of the intellectual logics of Islam in his sister's home.
In 622 A.D the migration for Muslims were made compulsory so Omar (May God please with him) also migrated to Medina with other Muslims. He then remained a close companion of Prophet (peace be upon him) throughout the life of Prophet. After the death of the prophet (peace be upon him) he remained in the parliament of Muslims and a close consultant to the first caliph of Islam Abu Bakr(may God please with him).
The first caliph at the time of the death nominated Omar (May God please with him). So Omar became the second caliph of Islam. He ruled justly and honestly for more than 10 years. It was the golden era of Islamic history. Omar was blessed with the glad tidings of heaven in his worldly life by the prophet (Peace be upon him).
Many conquests were made during the rule of Omar and more than 26,00000 square kilometre area was under his rule but there was not a single act of injustice in the whole area.
It is very difficult to give a brief account on the life of the second caliph of Islam in this short space available. We just close our discussion by telling that Omar was martyred by a Persian who stabbed Omar with the dagger he made for this purpose. That wound became fatal and Omar went to heaven in November 644 A.D.
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Well narrated,could be very well add that most people declare Alexander is the greatest general in history,while his control or kingdom was diminished within 5 years of his death,also the total areas he controlled was way less that Hazrat Umar(R A),there is no comparison in the greatness of Hazrat Umar(R A) to Allexander.
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Exactly when hazrat Omar accepted Islam and how ?
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Omar (as) was 12 yrs younger than the prophet (saw) he was the son of Omar and his mother was Omar at first he was a big enemy of islam but then his sister bought him ito the religion of islam.
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