Do you believe in ghosts?


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Soul Fly answered

Yes. I also believe that we don't fully understand what these apparitions are or why they appear. I think it's best to keep an open mind to things that we do not understand.

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Ray Dart answered

I also don't believe in ghosts (in the sense of the souls of dead people interfering in the lives of the living), but I did tell a (real life) spooky story here a month or so ago. It was well-received. So here is another, also true.

I was alone at home.

I was half-way up the stairs when I heard a "click" from the kitchen, and all the lights came on. I didn't think too much of it, I'd probably left the switch in a half on/half off position, and my shaking the house by running up stairs had caused it to "click over".

A few hours later, my son, who was still living at home then, arrived home and I described what had happened. As soon as I finished the story, there was a "click" from the kitchen, and all the lights came on.

"Just like that", I said.

Other odd things happen from time to time - we've taken to blaming them on "Terry", our imaginary friend.

If anyone is interested, I'll put up the story of "the House" on the website. A much darker (but still true) story.

(And I still don't believe in ghosts).

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Didge Doo answered

Yes indeed, but only pale ghosts.

Two Chinese girls at my office were speaking in Cantonese as I walked passed and I stopped, looked back, and said, "Did you just say gwai lo?"

I shouldn't have done it because it embarrassed them, and they quickly assured me that they didn't use such words. It means :"pale ghost" and refers to Caucasians generally.

Had they been Japanese they'd have said "gai jin".  A ghost by any other name...

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Yes, I studied the paranormal for many years, and

now study theology and demonology.

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Charles Davis answered

To a point, I do, i do not believe they are souls of the departed, but more of the essence of those that have passed, and soon disperses. OH wait I'm an athiest... Sorry all of us atheists are different.

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I use to be the biggest skeptic until I had a personal experience. Seeing is believing. Now I have a new found respect.

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I do believe in ghosts. I worked in a haunted Theatre and had at least 3 experiences that were pretty much as concrete as they can be. Considering they are spirits.

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