Do you believe in God? If yes, then why?


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You are the god you seek.

god is a particle not a person.

We are light that lives forever.

Aura photography will let you see yourself.

Time to evolve is now..

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Yes, I believe in God. I believe the Bible and pray every single day that I won't stop. That I won't b distracted or listen to others who try to tell me He is not real.

I know in my heart. Somethings I have prayed for, have happened. One can argue they ate all coincidence but that's ALOT of coincidence.

I just know in,my heart. I don't have to weigh the pros and cons

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Nope.  No belief in the Christian God, Odin, Zeus, Jupiter, the FSM or any others. 

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Someone or something has created this mess on earth

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I no longer believe in any God/Gods.

I'll go one better and give you a "If No Why?" -  I don't believe in God because there simply lacks ANY evidence to the contrary.  Now having said that IF sufficient evidence were produced to prove there was a God . . . I would believe. . . Now, how many of the "Yay Sayers" can say they would do the same with regards to disbelief?

It should be noted - I may not bow down or worship the God (Based upon which God/Gods, out of the MANY, proved their existence) because they would have done literally nothing to warrant such an act. 

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Darik Majoren
Darik Majoren commented
Again, having no ground to stand on, you can only resort to insults . . . mean while I have done your "Magic Book" Fact checking for you . . .
Still doesn't detract from your duty as a "Good Christian" . . Mark 16:15,16 - And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.

Oh, you missionaries . . . you need to stomp on other cultures and religions with different God/Gods then your own, and prove to them their Gods do NOT exist . . .
I've given you the tools Thomas, now prove they do not exists as is your calling . . .
You do want to share the "Good News" don't you??
Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented

I fear we have attracted a stalker.

And a rather confused one at that.

You and I will no doubt meet again on another thread.

Until then...

Darik Majoren
Darik Majoren commented
LOL . . .
"You're Welcome" by the way . . . you know, for providing you with scripture to back up your belief . . . I know that Catholic's rarely open the Bible so it might have looked weird to you . . .
Feel free to use the Word of God in your daily life . . . as it directed in . . . the Word of God.
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Yes, It took me to hit rock bottom before seeking him and I found him.Who ever seeks me will find me when they seek me with all of their heart.

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yes cause he did for me.

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I believe that reality is the need to expose magic, and therefore magic - or God - is the non-need to expose reality

Non-need is freedom. Freedom to expose reality is inability to expose reality

Inability to expose reality is inability to expose inability

God is weakness exposing another weakness

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Q "Do you believe in God? If yes, then why?"

1. There are only two positions here. One that allows for the possibility of God and the other one that rules out any possibility of God. There is no position in between.

2. It's an undeniable fact that there has never been any evidence to back up the position that rules out any possibility of God.. There is no evidence now, for that position, and we already know [it's a foregone and guaranteed conclusion] that there will never be any evidence for that position. It is therefore a dead loss, and it makes no sense, to take that position.

3. I agree with all those who say that there has never been any direct evidence for God. I also agree that even now [at the time of posting this] there is no direct evidence for God. However, NOBODY can guarantee that there will NEVER be any direct evidence for God. It therefore makes far more sense to take up the position that allows for the possibility of God than to take up the position that rules out any possibility of God.

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Yes. I experienced God when arguing as an atheist with a Christian over the existence of where God is in time. Before this I was an atheist/buddhist for 8 years. God can only enter the temple when you question all your ideas about everything you think you know, and so making space. The ego stands watch with false ideas so God cannot enter in.

The I observes the Me. The Ego is Me with which I identify. 

Enki brought Mes to Sumer. This taught man the self, mirror, make up, warfare, religion, money, etc so on so forth.

Just as the serpent or shining one beguiled Eve with the knowledge of good And Evil, duality, the self we were separated.

The hermetic or gnostic has similar story about Sophia (wisdom) trying to create without her consort understanding - Christ.

The things we are taught in church is planetary worship. However the occult or hidden meaning is kept from us and it's made the church rich. However, secular also includes the same story in there rituals and media.

The chequered floor represents duality. We came from one and now are two.

Kabbalah is seen in many things alot of celebs are in to it. You hear about the sephirah but not the Quiloth - evil tree.

Lilith rules over Malcoth (material world)in Quiloth.

Lilith is equated with the black moon

You'll see alot of singers have ritually turned bad in pop Beyonce was ritually blown up in her car in Crazy Right Now and emerged this sexy dark women, the same happened to Rihanna who often equates herself eith Inanna aka Lilith

 She sings umbrella, this word comes from latin Umbra which means shadow or ghost.  She sings it is raining Jay z is the Rain man, who is samael or satan reigning money, riches etc, 

and she invites you to stand under her shadow. 

They want you to appeal to your shadow self your dual character, the subconscious where Lilith lays waiting she is equated with the Moon, the lesser light. She is the temptess the opposite of eve, she is The Queen of the Night.

Many songs are about Lilith and the shadow self, also called Layla, Lilly, Lucy.  Many of these songs relate to the midnight hour, magic or the witching hour.

The goat is equated with the beastly nature of man, especially sex. If man does not believe in God then he does not believe in a spiritual self he believes is purely material, "a material girl iving in a material world." He will not seek another way out and will either decine losing the battle with his beastly self or he'll die a death for the spirit is not in him. This is why John talks about being born of spirit. All men are born of flesh they must be born of God. Even some Jews believe in reincarnation and Jacobs ladder.

 There battle between  of good v evil and you choose. Jesus the son tries to shine light, promote altruism,  love thy neighbour, do not store up riches, this is because the measure of a man is weighed in the heart. 

The ancients knew about the zodiac the celestial realm, but they also believed the sun was a material object, but Gods light wasn't. We battle with our own darkness and each others everyday and some want us giving into perversion, lust and violence which is why television is packed with it, this entertains your shadow, your subconscious cannot tell the difference from a story and reality.

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