Do you think Jesus ascended to heaven or to the Father?


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Call me Z answered

Since there is no evidence In any contemporary historical record for NT claims about Jesus, I have found no cause to think either actually occurred. 

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Tom Jackson answered

Do you really think the existence of the Abrahamic God will be determined (or even affected) by an on-line poll?

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Ray Dart answered

| almost never comment on religious questions, because no matter how reasoned, considered your answers and how politely you reply, someone with an argument to make, a chip on their shoulder or an axe to grind will deliver an unpleasant riposte (look for historical questions on this site if you don't believe me).

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Darren Wolfgang answered

No matter how we see things, it's freedom to practice whatever religion we wish to do so. If i want convert to Muslim , yes that is my choice . If i want convert to Catholic , yes that is my choice . No one can stop one in the way one believes . You can have 1000 people on this question and everyone will have a different belief or different opinion but it's their choice not for me to judge. I Rest My Case

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