I had a really scary and vivid dream what does it mean?


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It was just a dream!

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It means you shouldn't eat spicy food just before going to bed.

Plus ... We ARE all going to die.

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So it all started with me and my family, we were all sitting in the living room, my big bro Tyler was playing his video game, my little bro javion was just watching TV and my mom was on the phone with someone. I was sitting on the couch texting someone when I had got a text from a friend that scared me to death. I don t remember who I was texting but he or she said that Donald trump informed us all that we were going to have to all kill ourselves because there was some dangerous outbreak and it was spreading, he said that the outbreak (disease/ poisioning) or whatever was so dangerous that it pretty much could end all humanity, and there was no hiding out from it. He also said that trump informed us that either way we were going to die and there was no choice but to kill ourselves instead of getting the dangerous disease that would kill us otherwise. I didn t believe at first until I heard my mom crying she hung up the phone and she told little bro to turn to channel 7 and my little bro turned on channel 7 and  on the news was a lady talking about the outbreak and stuff there were people crazily running all around her, some people were literally killing themselves LIVE on television. I started crying when I started realizing how real it was and my mom was talking about how much of a bullsh*t it all was she thought it was all just a big misunderstanding and she thought we were all gonna be fine but that wasn't true. Few hours later me and my siblings and my mom came together and all hugged each other we were crying in our moms arms and then my bro javion he is only 5 which made things even more worse for me my other bro is 16 i told him how much i loved him and how much i was going to miss him. We started doing a prayer but we were all still scared. We kept second guessing if we should go on and kill ourselves just because of donald trump told us  to do it , the disease was spreading like he said and we really didn't have a choice. We kept debating on how we were going  to do it first of all. ON the news another lady was speaking (we lived in new york btw which is weird because i live in arkansas not new york) they said they were going to get the fire department in new york to knock all buildings down and we could just fall out then that would be the end of it. We started to prepare ourselves for it because they were coming any soon.  I wanted to go to sleep during it and possibly not even realize it was happening but i didn't have enough time to fall asleep because they had already pulled up. I started crying so did my mom and my little brothers. We were seriously going to have to jump out of the building that was just as big as the twin towers. Luckily i woke myself up from having a panic attack, i was so relieved when i woke up but i was wondering what the meaning of it could be? Does anyone happen to know ?

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Sure, you can reflect upon the dream . . . But remember, it is your subconscious letting loose. This can be some nested emotions kept tucked down or just the result of your imagination after Binge watching the first season of "Stranger Things" . . .

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At face value, it's a story about your having to do something you absolutely didn't want to do, but could not figure out how to avoid doing before you woke up.

Trump just happened to be the person your subconscious used to be in your dream because you have heard so much about Trump in the news lately.

If that helps you, use it; if it doesn't make sense to you, ignore it.

Dreams are pretty much never predictive of the future.  You have a better chance of getting hit by lightening 10 times tomorrow on an absolutely clear day with no clouds in the sky.

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