I had a vivid dream that I wish someone could interpret. Or at-least I want to share it? Dream details in answer


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My suburb became post-apocalyptic. People were hungry. IRL I have 2 pet ducks and in the dream my grandma insist that we give them to the council to distribute as food. Me and my two little cousins (We're all kids to young teen) beg her not to. She calls in a man in tactical armour and holds a black bag. Turns out he was carrying a camera. The camera was actually a gun and he executes my two cousins with a head shot. Being professional, he then shoots me a few times in the head without hesitation. Except for it being painless, everything felt so real. I felt my heartbeat slowing when I was lying on the floor. I started to wonder if there really was life after death. 

I woke up holding an iPad in my classroom. Everyone was busy typing up a prac report in their science groups. I approached my best friend's group to realise that they couldn't hear or see me. A random girl asked her a yes/no question I can't recall. My best friend seems like she had difficulty answering so I used the mouse and typed in "yes" on the computer. Everyone was so surprised and I woke up from the dream.

If it sounds too story-like to be a dream, I want to say that it is absolutely a dream. I did not add any parts to it nor change the sequence in any way.

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