I had a strange pregnancy dream, the father was not my spouse, I had girl, very vivid final month of pregnancy and then gave birth. What's the meaning of this?


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I had a dream I was pregnant and had the baby and it was a girl. The father was not my spouse, but a friend of ours who I don't really talk to. I dreamed the whole process of the final month of pregnancy, and gave birth to a girl. What could this mean?

I don't have any sort of real relationship with the friend I dreamed about, other than the occasional friendly banter. It was a very detailed dream. I didn't have any of the proper tools to take care of the baby, no stroller, no bottles, no pacifier, nothing! I woke up thoroughly confused. I'm not pregnant, and the relationship with my spouse is excellent and I would never cheat on him. Could it just be anxiety? I do have to essentially play parent for a 16 year old I have living in my home, could that have caused the dream? It's my sister and we've been butting heads a lot lately.

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