I Had A Dream That I Got Shot What Does It Mean?


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There are a number of different meanings to dreams involving shooting, depending on whether you die, who shoots you, amongst other things. Some examples of dream meanings related to shooting are:

• Getting shot but surviving

The means that your friends will fall out with you, and there will be ill feeling. The fact that you survive in the dream indicates that reconciliation between you and your friends will occur at some point.

• Getting shot and dying

This means that you will fall out with your friends and reconciliation will not be forthcoming. You will receive unexpected abuse from these friends, creating feeling that the friendship can no longer be continued.

• Getting shot by a preacher

If you dream that a preacher shoots you, this signifies that those close to you will question your views, and this will annoy you immensely.

• Hearing and seeing shooting

If you see or hear shooting this means that married couples will suffer unhappiness. This also means that business affairs will suffer through negligence.

• Dreaming of shooting a gun

If you dream that you shoot a lot of game, this signifies wealth and good luck. If, however, no game is killed, this signifies bad luck and unhappiness in love. If you dream that you are shooting a gun at other people this indicates that you will achieve profit through deceit and grief through anger.

• Overview of dreams

Dreams are said to help us understand ourselves, and enable us to deal with fears. They are believed to contain hidden messages and can help us predict events. Interpretations of dreams vary depending on who you listen to, and some people believe that dreams are simply that, just thoughts that we have whilst asleep, and that they have no meaning.
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I had a dream last night where my boyfriend shot my mother and then came after me. I ran to a dark shadow place on the edge of the woods and lied down. He found me and came running toward me grab me then stuck the gun to my belly and shot me 5 times in the stomach. I did not die but I could feel the bullets inside me under my skin.what does this mean. I am really shaken over this.

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