Will I go to hell if I don’t believe in god?


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Kvothe Savien answered

That's pretty much the basic premise. It's said that heaven isn't for non-believers.  But it's a merciful god and as long as you accept him you should get in.  Supposedly there's no statute of limitations as far as when you have to do it.

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Darren Wolfgang answered

When people ask this question I really don't know what to say I am scared to give an answer cause even thou I been down some rough roads I do believe in God and I believe there is a Heaven and a Hell but Megan not for me to judge you on and wish I had a clear answer to give you on this question and I do pray to Jesus cause myself I am confused on things and when my time comes I want my eternity afterlife to be Heavenly with Angels and I want see loved ones who passed my Grandparents , Mom etc

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