I've Just Seen 16 Magpies In One Spot. Is There Any Superstions About This - Is It Good Or Bad?


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You might live again if you see 16 magpies
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I've been looking around but can't find any superstition about magpies going higher than the well-known "seven for a secret." However I bet someone invents a new one soon, because magpies are definitely getting more common!
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Out walking with my dog this morning, I also saw 16 magpies. They looked as if they were having a conference in the middle of a field! I did not realise there were so many until I stood still and counted. I once saw a hare's meeting early one morning- that was a magical sight.
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Unless they were seen on a dock nest to water or a boat, it won't be considered bad luck.
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I saw 16 today, after I had an accident, witch could of left me dead, I think its something to do with a second chance to life :)
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Magpies are in the crow family and are distinguished by being white and black. There is a poem on seeing magpie's (and variations of this same poem:

One for sorrow, two for joy
three for a girl, four for a boy
five for silver, six for gold
seven for a secret not to be told
eight for heaven, nine for hell
and 10 for the devil's own self.

Magpies are not solitary birds and travel in groups (a group of crows is called a "murder"). I think it was just a fortunate happening that you saw 16 of these birds all together.
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Scottish 1 a death 2 birth 3 marriage 4 the earth 5 Christen 6 dearest 7 heaven 8 death 9 the devil in himself  thats all I know
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I saw one magpie saluted it and then I saw two than three then four..they headed for a tree and I walked over to it low  and behold I saw eight magpies singing in the tree it was a rare sight.
Eight magpies is supposed to mean heaven.
I hate my job and my boss is a bully  and on that day I heard I had not been successful in a job interview I thought was in the bag.
You see the lord works in mysterious ways and I expect good news is on its way.

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