How Do I Control Spirits?


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You are right keep this ritual if you feel any negativity
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There is no way you can actually control spirits. But something that took place in the movie exorcist is definitely true. However, exorcism is not accepted by the Catholic Church but only under very strict and intense permission from the Pope can exorcism be performed.

Spirits generally exist although some deny the fact but it also depends on how the body of a particular individual was disposed off. It is said that only an ordained priest has the powers to interact with a spirit. On the other hand, a Sorcerer, is generally tacit to exert powers over the spirits. In short an Ordained Sorcerers can control spirits but a non ordained one does not posses any powers to drive away spirits.
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It has been said that the sprinkling of holy water or salt water cleanses the home of spirits and also saying the Lords prayer 3 times while sprinkling the water but I couldnt say for sure that it works....
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First off as soon as something crosses into our plane, it is subject to are laws of physics, in short if a spirit can touch you, then you can touch them physically. Secondly, I've heard that a form of transmutation can be used to turn spirits into a form of consumable energy and I suppose in that sense you could manipulate them, but not control them per say. Also I've only heard this from enthusiast, I've never seen it. I know for a fact that its been "proven" in an experiment proven. But trust me that means fuck all unless its been replicated by a college of peers. I hope this helps =)
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You cannot control anything that does not live on our plane of existence. Ghosts, spirits, apparitions..they come and go, and some are trapped or refuse to move on..Blessings, Ghostseer

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