Can You Actually Talk To Good Spirits When You Play The Quija Board?


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Don't mess w/ouija boards, contrary to what Parker Brothers will have you believe (that it's just a game), it's NOT a game! You open all kinds of doors that can let evil spirits thru, as well as other spirits, but point being is that it's nothing to play around with. I've had 2 in my life, played them both once then got rid of them because they do really move on their own. I didn't want any evil forces around me so I got rid of them. Don't mess w/something you no nothing about.....
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No. When you use the Ouija board you are opening a door to FAMILIAR spirits and they are NOT good spirits. They are called familiar spirits because they have become "familiar" with certain human beings. Also you would be able to contact demons which have no desire to do you any good. Be smart, don't try to control or deal with anything you have no control over. There is only one good Spirit and that is the Holy Spirit and you don't need a "medium" of any kind to contact Him. The only reason you should be trying to speak to the spirits is to force them to leave people alone. Don't allow them to speak unless it's a question you can use against them such as, "what is your name?" etc. Then you can use their name to tell them where to go.
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Most of the time, what the spirits will do is pretend to be nice to you, when they have you at a point where you are a little more at ease with them, that is when they start the bad behavior. I don't recommend that you do this ever again. They can be very malicious indeed. If you are really into it, I suggest you get proper training for this. Hope this helps.
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I totally agreed with you until u came to the last part of "get proper help" Satan and his demons comes as the angel of light. they try to capture your soul and in the end destroy you completely. IT IS WRONG PERIOD.
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I didn't say to get proper help, I said to get proper training, you might have misunderstood what I meant.
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Yes but you are more ap to allow bad "spirits"in and that is the most likely thing to happen because they are so evil and has more strength then a good spirit. You might open a port hole that you don't want ouija boards are not a game and should not be messed with!
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Yes of course you'll be ok. Do you think spirits have got nothing better to do than hang around scaring young girls who forget to say goodbye? They are busy scaring adults instead! ;o)) And if you think about it, a spirit can be anything - good, bad or indifferent - just like their living forms. I would advise you not to play with ouija boards, as it can encourage all kinds of malicious behaviour, from the game players more often than not.

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oiuja boards are dangerous- they are not toys not a game- but a real tool of satan to conjure up demon spirits and cause fear, chaos and all the other junk he brings. leave them alone
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You need to know that it is not a game you are tapping into the spiritual world and playing with demonic spirits. Good spirits do not possess you and try to take over your body. They are bad spirits. Remember that Satan and his demons comes as "the angel of light, he comes to deceive many" be very careful in the choices you choice to make . I know for a fact that you will regret it, this is not something that I am just saying, but I know this for a fact by my experiences!!!
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This game I think is arabic because it is very commonly known in the mid east and I don't think it will harm you

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