What Is Better For A Leo Man, A Capricorn Or Aries Woman?


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An Aries woman would be a much better match for a Leo man!

A Leo man and Capricorn woman match could also work, but their relationship would not have the same spark as a Leo/Aries match. This is because both Leo and Aries are fire signs, which makes for a passionate and charming relationship.

Leo man and Aries woman
  • A Leo man is an extremely generous and passionate lover (trust me on this!), who is also very generous and loyal to his partner. An Aries woman admires her Leo man's strength of character and the security he affords her, and in turn she makes him feel loved and secure too.
  • These signs are very competitive and ambitious, and both can spur the other on to achieve bigger and better things.
  • The Leo man and Aries woman both posses dynamic personalities, which neither will ever tire of. This makes for a healthy and exciting relationship.
  • The Leo man likes to be the dominant partner in any relationship, and luckily for him Leo is the only sign that an Aries woman will completely surrender to. This brings her femininity to the forefront, which makes her even more attractive to the Leo man.
Leo man and Capricorn woman

  • These two signs value both security and loyalty in their relationships, but the way they express their emotions is vastly different.
  • Their shared values and morals may ensure a great start to any partnership, but in the long run they will not find their relationship as exhilarating as a Leo/Aries combination.
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Aries and Leo are both fire signs and share very much in common. They are very outgoing and spontaneous people who have a thirst for life and adventure.

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