Are Aries And Capricorn Compatible?


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Aries people are known to be 'doers' rather than 'talkers'. They are the impulsive, act first, and later they ask questions and have doubts later. When an Aries person talks it’s mostly what they have been through rather than just narrating a story from the book. Aries don’t like being in possessive relationships.

As for Capricorns they are responsible, structured and hard working which makes them ambitious, practical and superb organizers. Although they are considered dull and gloomy but this is not the case as they have an offbeat sense of humor. They might not admit love as a driving force in their lives but it plays a major role.
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Aries is a masculine fire sign ruled by mars, Capricorn is a feminine earth sign ruled by saturn, both are cardinal which makes you both leaders of your elements fire and earth.

Its not the best couple as your fire signs such as aries get along better with other masculine signs such as Leo, Sagittarius or Gemini and Aquarius, and Capricorns do well with Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio and Pieces. Aries opposite sign is Libra ruled by Venus which makes both signs the most compatible in the bedroom and Capricorns opposite is Cancer.

So, regarding your question yes you do get along but remember Aries has a temper and Capricorn is a very jealous sign so try not to cheat Aries you will get caught but yes you can make this work
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Capricorn is an Earth sign, and Aries is fire.His earth can bring stability, as well as security to your busy, enthusiastic life.If both involved are willing to take turns at playing boss, this relationship can create a very playful, loving union.
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It really doesn't matter what your signs happen to be but maybe how each of you mature with the tendencies of your sign. Away I think it could be a great match.

Since you don't say if you are the Aries I don't know if this applies. It has been said that to Aries women love is equal sharing. She'll expect you to share your razor, your Bank account, your friendships and your dreams. In return she'll share hers. Of course the razor will be broken, the bank account overdrawn, her friendships slightly scattered, and her dreams too large to swallow. 

I think any strong, steady, dependable Capricorn can handle that. Sounds like fun for a lifetime.

Best of Luck
A very happily married Aries
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It doesn't matter that what is your and your loved ones star really is as long as you guys love each other. I don't think stars can make a difference. Some say that Aries are very bossy but on the other hand some says that Capricorns are very bossy. I don't think so every person has different nature and if you guys understand and love each other and think that you guys can together live a happy life then why to wait. Its the right time to marry and enjoy life.

Best of luck and enjoy blurting :)

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I'm a Capricorn woman, on the cusp of Sagittarius.  I love Aries men.  I dated one for about a year and we never argued, but then he dumped me one day without explanation.  I always wonder if he was bored with me.  I keep reading it's a bad match, but then I wonder why I like the Aries guys so much.  I hope it's not that they are exciting and I am trying to find that in a partner, due to lacking it myself :(
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Yes they are a good couple.
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That guy sounds like he knows what he's talking about...I would trust him....but I personally don't believe in using signs to see if a relationship will work out  but I hope it does for you  good luck


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Both are powerful, courageous, egocentric, ambitious and need to dominate.
They are very much the same.
In an Aries-Capricorn relationship they give each other the best, but they need to learn to be patient and make compromise if they want to get along...

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