How Compatible Are Two Scorpios In A Relationship?


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They are very compatible, and in fact this is sometimes the problem!

Scorpios tend to thrive when they are with someone who complements them, rather than with someone who matches them.

Having said this, if these two Scorpios are open-minded and willing to compromise, then they could form a very formidable partnership. After all, there is no sign as determined and driven as Scorpio!

Can two Scorpios date? And, if so, how compatible are they?
  • Their relationship will be extremely passionate - as both of these characters expect intensity and devotion from their partners. It will also be a very sexual partnership.
  • The presence of two Scorpios will mean that they will be able to establish an emotional bond, due to their natural intuition and their shared element of water.
  • Scorpios can become very possessive and jealous, so both people in this couple will have to be sure not to upset their sometimes-resentful lover.
  • Scorpios like a challenge, and this is a problem, as these lovers may feel that their relationship is almost too easy. Scorpios love to learn from and explore the differences of their partner, and this is almost impossible when two identical signs are together.
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Instead of cutting and pasting something off some astrology site I'll tell you firsthand. My husband and I are both Scorpios and we've been together for over five years. We are both guarded, loyal, understanding, and respectful of each other. We know when to pursue a topic and when to shut up.

I think we both understand our relationship independently of the other and know what we have to contribute - and can do it without needing to have it validated by the other. We're always in sync without having to say a word.

Everything I've read about Scorpios seems spot on, but those character traits are always looked at in terms of the individual. The point that is missed is that if two Scorpios come together in a relationship, they treat that relationship as a thing of its own to be nurtured and cared for because of their loyalty. It's an extension of themselves.

When they make a commitment and let their guard down in that manner, you can be sure that it's not taken lightly and they will make sure their investment is a rewarding one.

Scorpios are secretive by nature and will always keep their own secrets, but their relationship with another Scorpion can have its own secrets - which are shared between the two Scorpios and make that bond even stronger.

This trait wouldn't be seen in any other pairing because only another Scorpio can truly understand one. I dare someone to try to come between two Scorpios because they will see you coming a mile away.
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Michael Zimmerman
Man, I wish I would have married another Scorpio! As a man I already don't know jack about women.
I've been married to a Libra for 20yrs now, 16 of those years were some of the most painful for me.
I have a couple of female Scorpio friends (friends only) in my National Guard Unit, we get along great.
My friends get me. We discuss relationships and career goals all the time.
After my divorce and actually learn how to date. I'll find that special female Scorpio out there somewhere
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I can speak first hand of the intensity of two Scorpios. I have just started "dating" another Scorpio, I didn't even know he was at first, but I felt this strong intense emotion. I was drawn to him.

I can't stop thinking about him or the feeling I get when I hear his voice. It's like nothing I have ever known.

About a week into the whole "chatting" and "getting to know you", I mentioned being a Scorpio and he said "so am I, I know exactly what you mean". My heart started beating faster.

We feel the same, think the same and share the same likes & dislikes. He is the male version of me and just gets me we don't even have to speak sometimes. It's wonderful and I have waited so long to feel this way!

You do have to keep yourself in check though - with the highs there are also lows. If one of us is sick or stressed or bummed out about something, we both feel that, it's like sharing your soul. And it's beautiful!
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Scorpios are very compatible, you each are tender, loving, giving, passionate, caring, sexy, strong-minded, and can get a point across to people. You should do very well unless one is more of the above mentioned. Just remember to talk less And listen more.
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I love it! I looked on here because I just recently started hanging out with someone and my situation or question is almost Identical to the top question!

We are three days apart and he is also eight years my junior, but I felt that we instantly clicked. This probably sounds stupid but we even put some of the same quotes on Facebook before we ever met.

I hope that these are good signs. I also had a similar thought about fire or ice, on our first official date I asked him if this was going to be clash of the Scorpios.
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When the two Scorpions make a love match, it is fierce tempest of intense passion. Both of them are obsessed with one another, and they move forward in love and romance at an accelerated way. The personal relations are positively steamy but, to the equal and also to the opposite extreme and the relationship could go either way.
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Yes, of course they can. I, personally, view a reading of a horoscope as entertainment, not fact. If two people love each other, treat each other with respect and dignity, trust each other and show care and concern for each other there, is no reason for a horoscope to interfere with that relationship.
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Just found out that somone I have been talking to for 5 months now is also a Scorpio, and being aorund him as I just found out is very intense and I feel a very strong connection. I had to leave to come back to another state today and I miss him so much already - and it's only been 24 hours.

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