How Do Muslims Prepare Their Food?


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Muslims start anything inthe name of God.. So it wud b started with bismillahir rahmanir raheem( in the name of God the most beneficient the merciful)
and they prepare their food normally as like anyone else, but also kept clean and tidy whilst going along.. But if you mean meat wise... As in to kill the animal, to also make food halal they say in the name of god as stated above and cut the animals throat open,  the only meat not eaten is pork! As pork is haraam(not permisable)  in islam.
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Muslim food is prepared like any other kinds of cooking but muslims have to follow some regulations in choosing food items;

Islam has provided detailed rules and regulations regarding food and drinks. Islamic law has prohibited all unclean and injurious food. The Goran, the book of Allah [God]states:
"O people! Eat lawful and clean things of earth and do not follow the footsteps of the devil as he is your manifest enemy" (2:168).
"O believers, eat the clean things we have provided you, be grateful to Allah if you sincerely want to obey Him" (7:158).
The Quran has categorically prohibited only a few animal food. The Quran states in this regard:
"Forbidden to you (as food) are dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine and the animals on which has been invoked any name other than that of Allah and which has been killed by strangling, or by a violent blow or killed by a fall or that which has been gored to death, that which has been (partly) eaten by wild animal unless you are able to slaughter it in due form, that which is sacrificed on shrines" (5 : 4).
The meat of lawful animals (Grazing quadruped mammals resembling camel, cow, goat, and sheep "an’am") will be lawful only if the animals are slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law.
The Quran states:
"Eat the meat of the animals on which name of Allah has been invoked, if you are believer" (6 :1 8).
"Do not eat meat of animal on which the name of Allah has not been invoked because this is an act of sin" (6 : 121).
The invoking of the name of Allah at the time of slaughtering is very significant. It indicates that life is sacred and even animal life can not be taken except for lawful purposes, and no purpose can be considered lawful unless it is sanctioned by Allah.
Islamic law has provided for exception in respect of eating of the prohibited food items only in case of grave difficulties. Prohibited food can be taken in a little quantity  ( enough to save life and no more, nor by way of disobedience) to save life if no lawful food is available.
As regards drinks, wine, alcoholic drinks and other intoxicants have been prohibited by Allah and His Prophet (
The position of Islam with regard to intoxicating drinks and other intoxicants is very clear. Indeed humanity has been badly afflicted by drinks and intoxicants. The following of teaching of Islam in this regard can save humanity from an extremely harmful thing.
Islam as a complete code of life has given necessary instructions of food and drinks. These are only for the benefit of humanity and not to make life of people difficult. Indeed, Islam has not made life of people difficult as it has made lawful most of the food items.

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