What Are The Protestant Church Beliefs?


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The Protestant church is a break - off church from the Catholic Church. That's why the name is actually "Protest - ant," because they were protesting against certain beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church.

The main difference as I understand it is that the Protestants, led by Martin Luther, (and I am one, so this is what I believe) believe that faith in Jesus Christ is all a person needs to "do" to inherit eternal life and to know God.

Faith Alone, it is called. Not believing partly, Plus doing a certain amount of pious, good works as well. (This is not saying a Christian does not do good works. But we recognize the actions come from God's grace, not from ourselves.)

Does that make sense to you? The faith alone part is essential to understanding why Protestants are different. Catholics have faith too, but see, around the time of Martin Luther , there was a lot of priests teaching that people had to do good works to get into heaven, and then they were selling "indulgences" to people to "buy" their way in to heaven. Luther definitely saw this was wrong, and basically he led people back to the true Gospel.
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Accepting other relegion,is to understand the words good,good works is probably near to heaven as long as you feel peace and happiness on the things you do or going to do,every body has good spirit inside themselves,he will guide you to get closer to gods will,if ask for it.
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In my youth I was raised as a catholic boy.  Much later in my life I picked up a bible and began to read it for myself, and I started to realize that many of the practices of the catholic church in which I participated are not in the bible.  For a time, I believed that Catholics interpret the bible in their own way, but I then learned that the issue is not the interpretation, the issue is that the word of God for the catholic church is NOT the final authority.  The term protestant comes from the Christians who protested against the doctrines of the catholic church, because they are contradictory to the bible which is the word of God.  Though there were always bible believing Christians all throughout history who were not catholic.

Consider this analogy: A man killed his neighbour and buries his body in his backyard.  The man felt so much guilt for this, that he spent the rest of life sacrificing his life to save others.  20 years later however they discovered the body in his backyard and the matter was taking up to court.  Before the good judge was about to deliver sentencing, the man started to plead the judge saying, "But good judge I feel sorry for what I've done and have done so much good since."  but the judge said "You are on trial for murder, not for the things you've done since.  Because I am a good judge I will give you what you deserve".

All religions of the world can fit in two categories.  Category one; you must work your way to heaven.  The second; You need a saviour.  

God said "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;".  And we can see it's true when we look at just some of the Ten Commandments.  Be honest and ask yourself...have you ever told a lie?  Have you ever stolen anything regardless of it's value?  Have you ever used the name of the Lord in vain?  It is written; "For the wages of sin is death;..."

God has made it so clear to us that we cannot merit our way to heaven.  This is why he came in the form of man (Jesus) and took on the penalty of our sins, so that we don't have to.  This is what Jesus meant when he said "I am the way, the truth, and the life: No man cometh unto the Father, but by me.".  Repent (turn away from sin) and trust in Jesus alone and God will grant you everlasting life.
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The protestant sect are totally apostate and apart from the true church which is founded by god!I can't imagine how would they explain these thousand of denomination proclaiming they are the true church and their beliefs varies,there is no unity,what is this?
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We the faithful are his Church. Note: As Protestants we must oppose not only Rome but Israel as well. Israel is equated with Christ--as a seat of his might and majesty on earth.
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What a load of codswallop . You have no idea what Protestantism means . You are just another bigot . Oh... And you are well named .
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Church-of-christ.org. This is all you need. Just like you challenge your catholic beliefs, you should challenge your 'protestants' beliefs as well. It seems like protestants churches are on constant war with catholism. I'm a non-denominational christian. Member of Christ's body. Or church is non-denominational.

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