What Are The Beliefs Of The Candomble Religion?


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The followers of the Candomble Religion are said toworship several dieties, spirits or Gods. Some of the names of these dieties are the Orishas, the Nikisis etc. According to the belief system of the Candomble Religion these spirits were created originally by one supreme God: who is called the Olorun (or the Olorum) for the Yoruba, or Zambi or the Zambiapongo by the Bantu Nation, and the Nana Buluku by the Fon Nation.

Candomblé deities also tend have individual personalities, ritual preferences, and skills, and they are also connected to specific and various natural phenomena (this is a concept which is somewhat similar to the Kami comcept of the Japanese religion called Shintoism). Every person on this earth is chosen at the time of his or her birth by one or more of the "patron" spirits, which are identified by a priest. The spirits (excluding the supreme Olorum) are also "incorporated" by the priests of the religion during the Candomblé rites.
Together, the various nations that are following the Candomblé religion retain fifty or more of the several hundreds of deities that are still worshiped in Africa.

There are many similarities and alike traits between some of the deities of the different nations: For Example, the Bantu Kabila, the Ketu Oxósse and the Jejé Otulu are all considered the hunters and they also have the same symbolic colors to represent them. In the Candomblé, however, all of these are considered and believed to be different deities.

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