I Had A Dream That My Boyfriend Left Me. What Does This Mean?


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Tracy Koroma answered
Don't panic - your dream isn't a premonition, and probably doesn't mean that your boyfriend's going to leave you!

Why Did I Dream That My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me?
There are several reasons why you might have had this dream, actually.

If your boyfriend has been acting suspiciously, you might be expecting him to break up with you, and then dreamed about it because it's on your mind.

Alternatively, you might just be really scared of losing him - our dreams are often manifestations of our hopes and fears. The more you worry about this, the more likely you are to dream about it again.

What Can I Do To Stop Myself Thinking About The Dream?
If it's bothering you while you're awake, it might help if you tell your boyfriend about the dream. Hopefully, he'll be understanding and supportive, and will reassure you that he's not about to leave you!
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Mar Rousy answered
Something bad will happen. You might fight with him or lose him...I don't know, something like that.

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