Why is bible important?


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The Bible is important because it is the only ONE TRUE PATH to salvation.
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Another old question, but even the question has historical value---just like the bible itself.:

Here a definition of "historical value":  Measure of the importance of a document (record) that justifies its permanent retention. Also called archival value, continuing value, or enduring value.

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The Bible is an important tool for turning people who were indoctrinated with Christianity from birth into atheists after reading it.
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The Bible is extremely important..... It keeps my coffee table from wobbling.
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Because it's the way thru to God.

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It is a document that has very little historical value, but has played an integral part in understanding our cultural and philosophical growth as a civilization.

In my Opinion, the only power it wields is the power based on an individual's belief in it's claim to truth.

It has been used to indoctrinate future generations so as to ensure it's survival.

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Much nonsense is inferred from the bible.

But.... the bible has immense historical value. Both in terms of the information it contains and the effect it has had on many generations (as you implied in the second part of your first sentence).

It is self-contradictory in many places, so as a lifestyle guide, probably not to be taken too seriously.
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I guess I was thinking the Historical accuracies versus the historical impact.

For accuracy, it has tells of many places that we can back which archeologists will agree with, and many more they do not. But there is no denying the impact it had/has upon the world to date.
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Good catch Thomas, thanks for that. "Opinion clause added" my friend.
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Every religion has its own holy book.....Muslim have quran hindu's have gita-christians have the holy bibl eit is to give knowledge about the religion

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