Are Jehovah's Witnesses A Part Of The Illuminati?


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Jehovah's Witness are on no way shape or form even remotely similar to the illuminati. It's clear that some of the previous poster are not here to share the facts rather defame a group of people who many know are not what some attempt to make them seem. Jehovah's Witnesses are Christians who do their best to follow the example set by Jesus Christ and to live by his teachings.

They are ordinary people. They come from various backgrounds and social conditions. Some of them formerly practiced a different religion, while others did not believe in God. Before becoming Witnesses, however, all of them took the time to examine carefully the teachings of the Bible. (Acts 17:11) They agreed with what they learned, and then made a personal choice to worship Jehovah God.

They benefit from studying the Bible. Like everyone else, they have to deal with problems and their own weaknesses. But by trying to apply Bible principles in their everyday lives, they have experienced a marked improvement in their quality of life. (Psalm 128:1, 2) That is one reason why they share with others the good things that they have learned from the Bible.

They live by godly values. These values, as taught in the Bible, promote well-being and respect for others, along with such qualities as honesty and kindness. They contribute to the development of healthy and productive members of society, and they encourage family unity and morality. Convinced that “God is not partial,” they belong to a spiritual brotherhood that is truly international, free of racial and political barriers. Although they are ordinary, they make up a unique people.—Acts 4:13; 10:34, 35.

To the writer of this question and all who are interested in the answer: If you'd like to know more about Jehovah's Witnesses visit their website

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I suppose that answering very old questions in order to get your religious propaganda across is one approach.
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Didn't actually notice the date. Now I guess that makes two viewing a "very old question."
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Far from it.  Jehovah's Witnesses are the antithesis of the Alluminati.  They are the only organisation which stands against governments, the united nations , organized religion and so forth.  They are the only true and upright people on this earth!!
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Not even close. They started as a protestant sect called the "millerites" that predicted the end of the world was s'posed to happen in the mid 1800's. 
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This is not an answer but a comment on the post below. " They are the only organisation which stands against organized religion and so forth.  They are the only true and upright people on this earth!! "  Umm I would beg to differ, you could not get a much more "organized" religion. So organized in fact, they control pretty much everything you do and say, how you live, who you talk to. If thats not organization I don't know what is. And the only true and upright people on earth!?!?!  Really? Wow, I know some JW's and I can say, true and upright would not be my definition. If you call child molesters, child abusers and so on upright maybe its time to rethink your stand. Just because they don't report it to the authorities does not make them true or upright, makes them pretty secretive and cunning. There are a lot of very good people on this earth and they are not JW's. Not saying all JW's are bad but please what kind of a statement is this to make? Be true to yourself and open your eyes.
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Jehovah's Witnesses are very organised.
So well organized, that they have been the subject of example.
Especially when it is discovered that they are non-commercial and unsalaried.
That, they do not have a laity or clergy.
That, they distribute responsibilities by assignment, not by position or superior post- which does not exist.

Each Jehovah's Witnesses is a commissioned teacher of the "good news", of Matthew 24:14, not the laity of a church.
They voluntarily submit simple, regular reports of what they have distributed, not personal data or information; which may be what is generating confusion among those disposed to oppose them.

Being 'commissioned', they voluntarily accept assignments and certain requirements that go along with those responsibilities, which should not be confused with basic belief. 

 The matter of remaining 'upright' and 'truthful', goes along with their commission, which demands that they avoid corruption. It is not the suggestion that they are better than other imperfect humans.

But- just as is the case in the secular world- anyone not living up to the expectations of their assignment and public trust, should be asked to step aside from their responsibility. And can even be removed, if that is necessary. And may be expected not to associate with former colleagues, if a matter warrants it.
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It does not reflect moderate thinking to suggest that an organization tolerates bad behavior on one hand, then ridicule them for removing individuals from public trust, on the other.

The bounty of misleading accusations that serve as convenient tools for discrediting those whose basic organizational structure is obviously misunderstood, are a misguided- at best- attempt to misdirect human emotions, from accurate, reasonable consideration; and is not flattering to those who generate it; and those who deserve genuine justice, due to the acts of individuals. 

So, hopefully, reason and mature consideration, will prevail to benefit all.

Jehovah's Witnesses' activity are open and transparent, not concealed and secretive.

When advice or counsel is offered, it is given after brief- but heartfelt- prayer, and done so by presenting some scripture for consideration. And the individual is free to act- or not act- on what they have read.
Direct advise, is usually not advised, even if asked for.

...a method that is a far cry from twisting one's arm, or intentionally pressuring them.
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Jehovah's Witness are interested in expanding individual knowledge about God and his "kingdom" (Mt.6:9-10), so that each individual can make an educated decisions for themselves. Not all those commissioned to do so, are experienced or eloquent at expressing themselves or accomplishing this.
But that is not a requirement to receive this responsibility.

Jehovah's Witnesses are non-political and non-commercial. 

They encourage moderate, reasonable thinking, and do not favor meddling in the lives and affairs of others. They avoid spiritism and the blending of human philosophy with Bible teaching.

They promote respect for the civil Authorities
And respectful communication, between fellow humans.

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