Should Catholics Call God The Father 'Jehovah'?It Calls Him That In Some Parts Of The Bible.


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It is true that in the Hebrew Scriptures, God is referred to as "Jehovah." The most evident reference is to be found in Exodus 3:14. Most Catholics, however, do not use this term when speaking about God and within ancient Jewish culture, few Jews used this term, as one was not meant to utter God's name, but had to simply refer to Him as "Adonai," or "my Lord."

The problem with using the term "Jehovah," is that it is essentially a misnomer. The term used in the original Hebrew version of the Old Testament was, in fact, not "Jehovah," but rather "YHWH." It is not, however, clear how the Jews originally pronounced this word. The term "Jehovah" was first recorded in the 16th century, when the Bible was translated into several vernacular languages. Catholics believe that a more appropriate pronunciation of "YHWH" is "Yahweh", rather than "Jehovah." As such, no official Catholic Church document refers to God as "Jehovah."
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So with your login, since YHWH was the Hebrew and Jehovah the English...we should therefore not refer to Jesus as Jesus anymore but as his Hebrew name which is Yeshua.
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Good one. I like your explanation. The letter J came around 1270A.D. And fully used around 16-17 century. Read Hosea 2:16-17. Baali is Lord.
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Well, I am not Catholic, so I do not know all of the customs. But I do know that in the bible God was called Jehovah, Yeshua, Jesus, alpa & omega, IAM, and God. I do not think that it matters what you call him, as long as it is really him (i.e. don't call him Allah because Allah and God are not the same.) Call him different things. If you are feeling affectionate to him, call him father. If you are sad, call him Jehovah, and so on.
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Just because people believe something to be God doesn't make it God. I could call my computer God. Does that make it God? At the same token, I could call Vishnu God. Does that make him God?

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