What Is The Concept Of Human Being In Islam?


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Human being from the start of the universe has misunderstanding about himself and still he is taking it in wrong perspective. When he goes on high post or gets some power then start thinking himself as God. He start feeling proud of him self and get involved in doing bad deeds and he forget his creation.

He even not considers anyone in front of him. He starts thinking himself something very high. When he start think that he is something then he never think about any one else, he never think about other right and he become the part of evil things. And when he start feeling that he is nothing, he even start worshiping trees, sun, moon, fire, rivers, mountains ,air ,clouds and even light .he start worship every thing which shows any kind of power or energy. Even in human beings if he saw any person strong he starts worshiping him.

Islam denied both of the aspect. In Quran, the creation of human being is mentioned many times .It is mentioned in the Quran that just look at your creation that how your god has created you? How your God has given you the life? In Quran every aspect of life is mentioned .Only need is to start thinking about the facts.

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