Is Gemini And Aries A Good Match?


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These two will be a good match and can expect some fun times together.

The air sign of Gemini is great at bringing out the best of Aries's fire. They will both strive towards the same life-goals and this will ensure they form a great bond together.

Are Aries and Gemini a good match?
  • Matches that are only two signs apart from each other in the zodiac can normally expect to enjoy great communication and a deep connectioin with one another.
  • Both of these signs value their own independence, which should mean they are very tolerant towards each other's personal space.
  • Although they share common goals, they may argue about how these dreams should be realised. Aries loves to get deeply-involved with an issue, whereas Gemini tends to hang back and think it through first.
  • The Gemini can be a great guiding hand for the sheer determination and drive of the Aries. On the flipside, the Aries can teach the Gemini to enjoy life a little bit more, and to live for the moment.
  • These two shouldn't have problems when it comes to competition, as the Gemini is happy to let the Aries steal the limelight.
These two have the potential to create something really special!
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It all depends on your moonsign.

Genreally, I would have to say Gemini and Aries should stay friends, but you should really look into your moon sign as well.
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You cannot decide if someone is compatible based on Sun Sign matches only. You need to know what signs all their planets are in, but for relationships the most important are Sun, Rising, Moon, Mars and Venus. These are the biggest influences.

You can be polar opposites that would seem to not get along, but could have very complementary planetary placements that make it a love match.

As an Aries, I was always told from a kid that I should stick to other fire signs like Leo and Sagittarius, but I have never gotten along with them that well and never had a romantic relationship with either.

I always end up with Air signs, but especially Geminis. I guess it fits with the Geminis because I like intelligent people and great conversation. The funny thing is they are always attracted to me also and I get more responses from them than others.

I am Aquarius rising and Aquarius in Venus and I think that's why the Geminis are attracted.

Physical is secondary or even third for me in relationships. Aries and Gemini can be a great match, but Geminis tend to be super-manipulative and power-driven, which is why my relationships with them have not lasted and also why they often end up with Libras.

A Libra can out-manipulate a Gemini any day. A Gemini does not even realize they are being groomed by a Libra - it's almost funny.

If you are an Aries and like a Gemini, remember to always have boundaries and protect yourself. Aries are too straightforward and Geminis like games, unless they have a lot of Earth signs in their chart.

If you are a Gemini and like a Aries, it's good to realize that the Aries will cut you off after too much power-play or philandering, and once they do, you will never win their trust back, even when you think you have. Always check the planets.
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My husband is a Leo and I am a Taurus. According to the the charts we are not compatible, but if you want to make a relationship work you can. There are times we butt heads big time, but in the long run only you can make a relationship work if you really want it to.

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