Is Aries Man A Good Match For A Pisces Woman?


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I am a Pisces woman and my husband is an Aries. I would say he was attracted to me because I am petite and girly, but intelligent and a good listener.

Aries man and Pisces woman
From what I read, we are not the ideal match, yet I think we are.

  • I am attracted to him because he has qualities I don't have, assertiveness, successful, motivated, and ambitious.
  • I am creative and I go with the flow, but I keep his feet on the ground. Although he is good at earning money, it slips through his fingers, so he now has a balance of enjoying the money he earns and investing in the future.
  • We have great fun together, although we are both very needy emotionally, which causes problems sometimes. He can be selfish which is not all good as I am sensitive.
  • An Aries Man should not be too domineering towards a Pisces woman, although the Pisces woman loves the fact he has a strong character and makes his own decisions, I have learnt to never tell him what to do, but just to listen and make him see things from another perspective.

Aries tend to be very black and white! They are also not known for their caring nature, and can be very selfish, but you can't help liking them!
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My boyfriend and father of my child is an Aries and I'm a Pisces woman. As I was looking around on the internet we are not the ideal match, fire and water makes steam. Or water douses fire and so on.

I guess he can be a typical Aries;
  • He is strong-willed, selfish, ambitious, and stubborn but can also be the most loving person on earth all at the same time!!!
  • I am also a typical Pisces. I am devoted, emotional, sensitive, and can get jealous.
  • There are times were we clash and have very big misunderstandings. Our views on the same situations are so different that we both usually get angry for nothing. Like all Aries he can be very selfish but once I confront him on how I feel he understands and we try to find a compromise.
  • Also he knows words he can say will hurt me and tries hard not to say anything in a mean way. At the same time I came to realize he only is trying to help me.
  • However like a Pisces sometimes I would rather not deal with a problem and ignore it altogether, which as an Aries he wouldn't understand because he would rather deal with it head on.
He is my best friend and the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Just because some article suggests I wouldn't last with my Aries or another one does, doesn't matter. My Aries and I will determine if our relationship will last or not. He will decide if he want to put up with my sudden moods, fits of jealousy, and dreamy condition. And I will decide if I want to put up with his straightforward, dominant, and clingy attitude.

We determine our own fates.
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Aries man with Pisces woman are an excellent match. Aries guys are fun-loving and innocent.
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I'm a Pisces woman and I have been talking to an Aries man for about six months. I've learned that he can be distant at times. For the most part we are friends but I would love to be in a committed relationship with him.

He is determined and hard working. When we go out he makes me feel like I'm the only woman on Earth. I love it! I just wish that I could have more of his attention. I think Pisces women can become almost addicted to an Aries man perhaps because we are so opposite. I am determined to make it work!
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The relationship between Aries and Pisces is a very complex one since one is a fire sign and the other is a water sign. Strangely this works in their favour.

Water can take any form and shape so when Aries is up and about Pisces will retract and give Aries his or her space, but, if Aries is down in the pits, Pisces takes a complete turn and becomes independent and in control.

On an average day Aries will be in control and Pisces will be happy with it as long as it doesn't interfere with his or her own plans. Aries will always guard and protect Pisces.
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I still believe it is a good match but I don't know what really went wrong between me and my Arian. I wish he'd give me another chance but Arians find it hard to forgive.

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