My Zodiac Sign Is Aries. What Is A Good Match For Me?


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Maud La Roux answered
Aries, the first degree of the zodiac would be a great partner in any realtionship! Here are an Arian's best matches:

The perfect matches for an Aries: Leo and Sagiattarius - These two signs possess a lot in common with Arians. The Aries can learn a lot from these two, and they will appreciate the Arian's impulsive nature.

Near-perfect matches for Aries: Gemini and Aquarius - These two can also form a great relationship with an Aries, but both partners may have to compromise on some issues.

Opposites attract: Virgo and Scorpio - Its fifty-fifty with these two! Either an Arian will get on really well with them, or they will not get along at all!

Worst matches for Aries: Cancer and Capricorn. There's just way too many differences between these two signs and an Aries. It's not worth it.

Which zodiac sign suits Aries...
  • The fire element of Aries means that these people are adventurous, energetic, courageous and natural-born-leaders!
  • They exude confidence and enthusiasm - making them a great partner in any couple.
  • Their wit and humour means you won't stop laughing when an Aries is around.
  • On the down side they have the potential to be selfish and lack patience. They may have to compromise on some of these natural traits of theirs if they wish to make a relationship last.
  • Their impulsiveness can be good and bad. It makes for an exciting partner, but it can also get an Arian into a lot of trouble!
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An Aries! I love Aries, but you are not compatible with a Capricorn, because they are so alike and both are really stubborn. Take that from experienc,e I'm a Capricorn, and I used to like someone who's an Aries, we fight all the time but its amazing how we were so alike.

Anyway - a Scorpio/Leo/Sagittarius! These are the best for you!
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delia smalls answered
Libra is your opposite (love/hate relationship). Gemini, leo, sagittarius are all systems go! Even, capricorn, aquarius & pisces are promising. But definitely sag. & gem.

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