What Is A Vampire?


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There are heaps of stories about vampires. In some vampires can't eat garlic and can't go out in the day. Also there are heaps of ways to turn into a vampire.Here are some things that in certain stories vampires can't and can do:
- eat garlic (somtimes true)
- to turn a vampire must bite you and put there poisen into you.They hav this poisen in there fangs that can turn humans into vamps (sometimes true)
- if you   have some vampire blood in you system when you die you will come back alive as a vamp (sometimes true)
- You must drink a vamps blood and they drink yours so you can become a vamp. Sometimes you hav to do this under a full moon (mostly not true)
- You must kill someone and drink there blood to become a vampire (mostly not true)
- That vamps hav red eyes (mostly not true)
- Get killed by a stake (mostly true)
- Get killed by fire and also getting there heads ripped off (sometimes true)
- go out in sunlight (sometimes true)
- touch a cross and go in a church (mostly not true)
-drink blood (always true)
- they don't have a reflection (sometimes true)
- turn into bats and other animals (sometimes true)
-there skin melts when they touch holy water (mostly not true)
-sleep in coffins (mostly not true)
- have super strengh, super speed, super eye site and super hearing (always true)
- When turned into a vampire you will become automatically beautiful (mostly true)
I think thats about it. If you need anything else ask me cause I'm kinda an expert! Also if you can you should go to Romania, Transilvania. People believe thats where Dracula (a famous vampire) lived!
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Vampires arent fictions, yet other people tend to make it like that, they were real and still living like normal people do, cause there just normal too, its also not true that they are mysterious, well some, depends on the person, but some also live life like ordinary people, of course they will die on stake, drowned by water or whatever, thats just so funny, how would you people explain how to kill them? know if you drown them by the water of course theyll die, if you stabbed them on heart using stake of course theyll die, humans will die either in that way, silver, sun and garlic is just an allergies but they can live and got used to it...people should understand their existence here, cause believe it or not they are humans too...
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A vampire is a mythical creature known to be monsters who take a human form they are said to be afraid of garlic and a cross and they also don't like the sunlight very much either they drink human blood to stay alive if they want a person to live they (fiction) suck a persons blood by the neck and turn them into a vampire themselves though they rare not real my opinion is that they are very COOL creatures
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Vampires are fictional characters who sleep by die and feed on the blood of humans at night.
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It is a fictional creature which is dead , sleeps in coffins in the day, comes out in the night and sucks blood through the neck and are afraid of sun light, garlic and the cross.

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