What Does The Word Mantle Mean In The Bible?


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The word mantle refers to a piece of clothing, open on the front, similar to a robe and sleeveless. It is worn as an outer garment. This sort of garment is used by the priests of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Depending on the grade or rank of the priest the kind, type and colour of the mantle would differ.

In the Bible it is referred to in Kings 2: 12-15, where it is mentioned that when God took up Elijah his mantle dropped and his successor Elisha picked it up. It symbolizes that the office of prophet hood or priesthood in the religion of God was passed on to Elisha by was of the mantle being dropped by his predecessor and taken up by him.

Hence it is seen in the Bible to be a sign of God's authority, a token that the bearer is God's representative.
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In old test. A cover or cloak was wore to maybe keep warm. The parrallel in spiritual is spiritual authority or anointing, for example Elisha received Elijah mantle when he was taken up by Lord. Elisha asked is he could have a double portion of his spirit. He got it and ended up doing more miracles then Elijah

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