What Does The Name Raven Mean In The Bible?


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In the Bible, the name Raven is similar to the Hebrew name orebh. The name Raven is derived from a root which means to be black (comp. Can't. 5:11). Raven was first mentioned as the one who was sent forth by Noah from the ark (Gen. 8:17).

Every raven after his kind was forbidden as food (Lev. 11:15, Deut. 14:14). Ravens feed mostly on carrion (the word carrion is defined as the remains of dead animals and birds), and it is because of this reason that their food is procured with difficulty (Job 38:41, Ps. 147:9).

When a raven attacks a kid (that is, the young one of a goat) or a lamb or any other weak animals, it is said that it picks out the eyes of its prey (Prov. 30:17). When Elijah was concealed by the book Cherith, God commanded the ravens to bring him bread and flesh to eat both in the morning as well as in the evening (1 Kings 17:3-6). There are eight species of ravens in Palestine. They are present in large numbers all over that country.

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