What Bible Do The Amish Follow?


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Amish are a very conservative Christian group found in USA and Canada. They dress very simply and try their best to avoid modern inventions like automobiles and electricity. They also remain separate from other sects in society and do not enrol in military, do not draw Social Security and refuse any financial assistance from government and many also shun insurance.

They follow the same bible but adhere to it very strictly and their interpretation of the Bible is also verbatim and quite literal. Thus the lifestyle of the Amish is also influenced by the rigid interpretation of the bible. They also have some other unwritten codes of conducts which the Amish people follow as their morals and way of life. The Ordung is also studied and followed by the Amish people.
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According to an Amish  bishop in South Dayton, NY, they adhere to the King James Version of the bible.

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