What do you think of the Christian Bible?


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I think it is the inerrant word of God. It is HIS Holy Word. It reads of God's love and mercy AND His judment when a person CHOOSES to do wrong.
It is the longest book I've ever read but it does help me to know my Savior better and to love Him more.
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Probably the most information, and brilliant book ever printed. And, that depends on how you interpret - It contributes to the nature of man in a way we might look at ourselves. Remember it is a translated book. And, individually interpreted depending on our beliefs.
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It teach us how to seek God; it teaches us how to grow spiritually; how we should conduct ourselves in our behavior and speech;  teaches us how to pray; how and what we should be thankful for; how to praise God.  So I would say this is a very valuable book!
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Just another book. God is bigger than any book humans can print
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Cheryle Masters
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Strongly disagree!
Cheryle Masters
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Read II Timothy 3:16 (&17). Not just a book. There is another Scripture that says it is more than just words...
The Holy Bible has a purpose other than collecting dust.

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