What Are Two Common Characteristic In Shinto And Vedic Hinduism?


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There are several characteristics that are similar to both Shinto and Vedic Hinduism. There are no laws in either, both of these religions are manifest or guided only by custom. In both religions there is no founder, nor is there an organised theological system. Both these religion believe in many deities. In Shinto there are Gods of Rice Farmers, Gods of Fisherman etc while in Hinduism there are Goddesses of wealth, Gods of Prosperity etc. Shinto makes up one part of the belief system of the people of Japan, the other being Buddhism. Japanese believe in both Shinto and Buddhism at the same time. Hinduism can be said to have originated in India and is today the major religion there. It was until the Maoist insurgency, the state religion of Nepal. Its followers are only exceeded in number by Christians and Islam.

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