I Dreamed I Was Arguing With My Significant Other. What Does This Mean?


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Oh dear, that can’t have been a very nice dream!  There are two ways of interpreting it, though, so read these before panicking!

There Is Unresolved Conflict Or Tension In Your Relationship
This type of dream is particularly common if you’ve been repeatedly ignoring something that’s annoying you. Say your significant other has a habit of leaving his socks on the floor, but you’ve never mentioned it to him. This is the kind of silly thing that could cause a big argument if you let it all build up.

If there’s anything like this in your relationship, it’s much better to talk to your partner about it calmly than to let it escalate into a full-blown argument.

Your dream could just be warning you of what to expect if you let the tension build!

Your Relationship Is Full Of Passion
Do you fight with your significant other quite frequently? Are you both quite hot-headed people? Maybe you just have a strong, fiery love for each other. Dreams about arguments often just symbolize a passionate relationship, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it just means that you care about each other a lot!

Of course, if you can remember what it was that you were arguing about, this could be a huge clue as to what your dream means – it might be that you’re arguing about something you’ve fought about before, or something that’s been irritating you recently. If that’s the case, your dream might just be mirroring the kind of thing that’s on your mind at the moment!
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I had a dream that I was crying and telling my husband that why is he bringing our house hold stuff from the storage to his mother house and he was so calm about it and the whole time in my dream I was begging him not too. 

Why is he doing this when he said before he will never do this also his mom and sister were in my dream but never said anything

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It means your relationship with her is full of passion. You both have a great lust for sex.

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