I Had A Dream Of My Toenail Falling Off, And The One Under That One Was Also Falling Off. What Could It Mean?


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Many people believe that the body that you have in your dreams represents your ego, identity and self-awareness. Usually, if the body part is the same as it is in real life, dream interpreters don't pay it much attention. However, if you dream that the body part is different, this is often assigned some kind of significance.

Dreams of Toenails

Dream interpretation is not an exact science, and there are several theories about what it means to dream of toenails. Here are some that might be relevant to your dream:
  • Toenails as 'shields' - Dreams of toes are often taken to represent self-scrutinization and self-worth; in this light, toenails can be seen as shields, protecting parts of you that you're insecure about. If your toenails fall off in your dream, this could mean than you're feeling a little vulnerable.
  • Broken and chipped toenails - Many people who practise dream interpretation believe that dreaming of toenails can symbolise financial or health troubles. The repetition of the nails falling off could represent a recurring problem (for example, paying the rent or bouts of asthma).

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