Is The Church Of Spiritual Humanism Recognised In The UK?


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The Church of Spiritual Humanism is not officially recognized in the United Kingdom. As a result, ministers of this religious group, and marriages performed by these ministers, are not considered legal and binding, unless they have also been sanctioned by a local official at a state ceremony. This means that anyone claiming to be an ordained minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanism in the UK is not permitted to perform legally binding funerals, marriages, baby namings and other invocations and ceremonies.

The origins of spiritual, or religious humanism date back to the end of the 19th century, when some people, both in the US and in Europe, were inclined to form a religion based not on Christian theism, but on secular, agnostic principles. This church emphasizes improving the life of humans on earth, by embracing science, education and logic, but incorporating into this belief system rituals and ceremonies taken from theistic religious groups. This is what differentiates spiritual humanism from secular humanism.
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That was true, but no longer is! It's now fully recognised as I have performed a number of legally binding marriages and many funeral homes employ ministers of S. Humanism.

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