What Is Swala In Islam?


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It is the teaching of Islam for a Muslim. Swala is one of the many basic points of Islam that every Muslim must have to fulfill. The other name of the swala is somo-salawat. It means that keeps fast and does your prayers at their specific time.The detail of swala is that every Muslim must have to complete his five time prayers a day. And it is not for only one day, every Muslim have to pray on each day for five times and on their specific time that is fajar(morning time), zuhar(afternoon time), asar(between evening and afternoon time) maghrib( evening time), Isha(night time). So these are the all timing on witch Muslim have to complete their prayers.

About the keeping fast, so in Islam it is must for every young Muslim that is above 12 for female and above 14 for male that he/she must keep fast. If because of some severe problem their fast is left then they have to keep it on any other day after that month of Ramadan. There is a specific month for keeping fast, according to Islamic calendar it is Ramadan month. And Muslims have to keep 30 fasts for that month, if some left then keep it after the Ramadan.So this is the whole swala, which is one of the five pillars of Islam.

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