What Does It Mean If You Dream Of A White Mouse?


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Lucy Burroughs answered
Apparently, when you see an animal in your dream, this animal actually represents you!

If this is the case, then in order to interpret your dream, we need to think about what a white mouse might symbolise.

What Could A White Mouse Possibly Mean?

  • Well, we’ll start with the color – white things are usually associated with purity, naivety, youth, innocence, and peace. Just think of wedding dresses and doves!
  • The mouse, if it’s a pet, could be symbolic of the part of you that needs caring for. Maybe you’re feeling helpless and vulnerable, and wish somebody would look after you.
  • If you see the mouse as vermin or as a pest, then maybe you’re feeling unwanted, or as if you’re in the way.
  • Alternatively, the mouse could represent the shy, sensitive or “mouse-ish” aspects of your personality.
  • If a change of environment or new company made you turn into a mouse, then maybe your dream is telling you that that specific person or place makes you feel naïve and vulnerable – who knows!
Remember, dream interpretation isn't an exact art, and a lot of it depends on personal experience. Good luck!
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Mel Amdur answered
It means that someone is very jealous of you. The dream is warning you to beware of your enemy (backstabbing).
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heart lee answered
Mice in dream mean haters. So you'd better keep a good relationship with others.

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