What Does It Mean If You Dream Of Being Chased By A Clown?


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You could interpret a dream about being chased by a clown to mean that you're running away from or avoiding problems from your childhood, or that your (or somebody else's) immaturity is causing you trouble.

Dreams About Being Chased

A dream about being chased could mean that you're running away from a problem in your life, or that there's a difficulty that you're afraid to face and overcome. Think about the thing chasing you - does it relate to any aspect of your life that you're having difficulty with?

Dreams About Clowns

Clowns that appear in dreams are often believed to symbolise the playful, light-hearted, childish aspects of your personality. However, if you have a phobia of clowns, or if the clown is scary, this could represent an insincere or deceptive person in your life. This doesn't mean that you should suspect your friends of being untrustworthy, but it could mean that you're afraid of being tricked or lied to.

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I suppose I'm looking this up because I've never had a fear of clowns. It was strange because in the dream the news was talking about three clowns running around killing people, there was a scene of the clowns running around a carnival before coming after me, then another of my mother giving me a choice of ninja swords--some were long but dull, others where short but sharp-- before she leaves and I see the clowns outside my windows. In the dream I then hide from the clowns behind a piano in my living room; one attacks and I cut it in the head and heart, then another attacks and I do the same; but instead of dying they get back up and the third tells me "You can't kill us like that, you have to cut the stomach!" before it jumps at me. I finally cut them all in the stomach and finally they're all dead.

I'm trying to figure out if they number of clowns has any symbolism, the fact the the sword I ended up choosing was an Asian styled sword was relevant, and the fact I killed them in the end is symbolic as well.

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Classic childhood fear, rather like the flying monkeys of "Wizard of Oz"infamy. We all have a child inside us, and part of that child's function is to produce fear & panic in us. You see this clown most likely because you are feeling threatened or stalked or "unwanted attention" in the real world. Sometimes such a thing can also manifest as a spider you can't shake off, or a bee you can't make go away. Of course, it could be different for each person. What stands out in your mind most about this clown in the dream?
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I'm going to have to agree with Bill Shroyer. This dream of yours definitely indicates you must be stalked in reality or something...or perhaps you've been thinking about this 'scary clown' or anything scary which gave you this dream. I usually get dreams of things that I always think about throughout the day...it happens to everyone, really.
Hope this helped!

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