What Is The Difference Between 'Kingdom Of Heaven' And 'Kingdom Of God'?


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The Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God are often used interchangeably within Christian theology, although in some cases it is possible to differentiate between the two. The Kingdom of God is essentially a time when the New Testament teaches that Christ will return to Earth and establish his kingdom here.

This is often also called the Reign of God and most Christians believe that it will come after a period of tribulation and suffering. This is also when the righteous will rise from the dead. Luke, as well as the Book of Revelation, both make references to the Kingdom of God.

Some theologians stress that this kingdom is, in fact, symbolic, in that accepting Christ's message means that you already enter this spiritual kingdom.

If you were to differentiate between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven, you could argue that the latter refers to the period prior to the Second Coming of Christ, when God reigns over the heavens, rather than here on Earth.

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