If Hindus Believe In One God, Then Why Do They Worship A Triumvirate Gods?


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Hindus believe in one God, Brahman who is a three-in-one God, and the originator of all things. Hindus believe God's work is done and lesser gods must continue to create, maintain and destroy the world.

They see their worship of lesser gods as a means of worshipping the One God. Because this Eternal God cannot be seen the Hindus worship by using objects they can see. These objects others may call false gods, but to the HIndu they are symbols of the Unseen God.

The lesser gods are called Triumvirate gods because there are three of them. Brahma is the first god, whose job is to create. Vishnu is the second god and is of great importance in Indian Mythology. Shiva is the third god, the destroyer and re-creator. Shiva is also the source of good and evil. Some call them polytheists because of the triumvirate.
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In Hinduism Brahman, the One without form, is consisted of 3 energies (1) The one that creates (2) The one that preserves (3) The one that destroys. Each are represented in the manifested forms of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh which Hindus worship as a way to pray to the manifestation of a formless supreme consciousness/God Brahman. All is just oneness and only the ignorant or those with ulterior motive would conclude something else. The accusation of polytheism has been coined by the Abrahamic religions. But it only shows their poor understanding of Hinduism. Hinduim has a pluralistic view of oneness which makes it very tolerant of other views. This plural world itself is oneness. Moses, Jesus, Mohammad are all proponents of Oneness yet their followers are still confused that they have a pluralistic view of Oneness.
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Because god is made up of god and goddesses as well ! I think ?
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No, Hindus believe in many Gods, the main or head ones being Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, and Lord Brahma.

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Rob Dean's answer is correct. All/everything is a manifestation of the one God Brahman, even those you listed.

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