What Do Methodists Believe In?


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Methodists have an active roll in the world of religion and the world in general.

They are non-judgemental and tolerant but believe that the Church should be actively involved in politics.
At a national level they have Officers acting on behalf of the church who lobby the government on a whole range of topics.
The do not exclude divorced people from re- marrying in church and women play an equal role in this religion. There are around 6,100 Methodist Churches in Britain.
If you go to their website at there is a mission statement which explains what Methodism is, how they worship, their Christian Mission. There are sections on a whole range of topics from asylum seekers, political extremism and ethical investment.
Although Methodism does not encourage the use of alcohol it leaves this to the individual these days and says that it is a personal matter and alright if managed responsibly. See their website for a wide range of topics.
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A Methodist is a person who is a member of the evangelical Protestant Church formed according to the principles of Charles and John Wesley in England in the early 18th century. Methodists believe in the social responsibility of Christians for the good of public welfare. In the US, the Methodist group is second in the Protestant group, second to Baptists.

Methodists receive communion once a month. They go by the doctrine that if you believe in Jesus Christ as the Lord and Saviour, and pray for forgiveness of sins, you are blessed with eternal life. The link ' target='_blank' class='qa'> gives a comprehensive set of information on Methodist beliefs with regards to topics like resurrection of Christ, Heaven and Hell, Holy Communion and the Bible.
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The Methodist revival has its roots in 18th century England. This denomination was established by some men, which included the prominent John Wesley along with Charles, who was his younger brother. It was a movement that commenced within the Church of England, emphasizing Bible study along with a methodical tackling of scriptures as well as Christian living.

Just as with Christianity in general, Methodism too has its subsets. Theologically speaking the majority of Methodists would be considered Arminian, highlighting that essentially everyone can be saved (in place of Calvinist predestination), as well as low church in liturgy. However, in Wales you will also find several Calvinistic Methodists. Typically Methodist mission revolves around Proclamation, Evangelism, Incorporation and essentially Servanthood.

A good site for Methodist beliefs would be
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Methodists learn to love all the human equally. They take two sacraments on their life. Their belief of trinity is different than others, as a single entity with three forms. They also oppose gambling and alcohol
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I would like to think we all could be methodists if we all agreed upon a same method - maybe like Descarte.

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