How Do Psychics Tell People's Future's And Contact Ghost?


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They know what is going to happen the real Psychics but the truth can hurt so they don't tell it to those who they love and hold dear and as for ghosts you don't want to know its really scary!
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They don't, is the simple answer to that one. Nobody can predict the future, because it hasn't happened yet and anything could change it. What successful "psychics" do, is study the person they are dealing with - they are very good psychologists - get a good idea of what this person wants to hear and then give them answers which are just general enough so that you can apply them to your situation if you want.

As for ghosts, it will be time to start deciding whether they exist when we know a lot more about brain function than they do at present.
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But what if the psychic has two or more sides to tell the person? What if they can really tell the future and they tell what is going to happen and try to help that person so that they don't ruin there life and that person doesnt listen and gets hurt. What if people are wrong about psychics?

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