What Dose It Mean When You Dream Of Cockroaches?


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Dreaming of cockroaches generally means there is a part of your life you feel you need to confront and possibly change. It can represent a need for renewal or self-cleaning of your emotional or spiritual being. On a positive note, cockroaches are hard to kill off, so it can be showing you a symbol of longevity.

I would really need to have more details to give you a better reading on this dream.
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What does mean when you dream about roaches multiple times in a week ...every time i dust my hair off roaches fall out...if i touch the corner trimming they fall out...and then in the last dream i didn't see them so i went looking for them and asked if they were still there ...pulled off the corner trimming and knock it first they didn't come out and they fell out and i busted my hair but they were none there...what do you think this means
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I think it would mean that you smoked something questionable before crashing for the night
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It means you have to confront a expect of r life for  example smoking marijuana  you have to confront that

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