What Does It Mean When You Are Trying To Kill Cockroaches In Your Dreams.?


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It means you were sleeping! Ol

Or maybe you weren't really stomping cockroaches. Maybe you were tap dancing?

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It could mean you watched a movie like that, or you are terrified of them, or you have them in your house and are trying to get rid of them
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None of these comments before me have any clue about roach dreams. It means when you need to cleanse a major part of your life. To reevaluate, or reassess some major part of your life. But the fact that you were there with your boyfriend, cld mean fear of pregnancy... I'm only restating what I JUST researched because I just had a roach dream myself, last night.. Good luck
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It may mean that you don't like cockroaches or you just had a random dream
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That wasn't a dream, that was a nightmare. It probably means you don't like cockroaches and want to kill them but are afraid you will never be able to kill them all

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