Dreaming Of Ex Boss What Does This Mean?


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Anonymous answered
It might mean that you miss working with them
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haley vogel answered
It probably means you must of had some sort of connection with that person, and it depends on what kind of dream it was to determine whether your going to see them again or somethings going to happen that there involved in
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Zura Star answered
Well, it depends really, but perhaps you had respect for them, and your subconscious mind uses your ex boss as the model of respect or what you respect.  Or, if you had trouble with your boss, perhaps they symbolize trouble or hard times in you dreams.  Really depends on what you think of your boss, why your mind would translate them into a dream.  I'm not an expert, but that's the best I could say.
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Dolphin Lee answered
Maybe you want to see him or you are thinking of him in the day.

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