How Can I Find A Spell That Will Make Me See Ghosts?


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Cody Kirkland Profile
Cody Kirkland answered
Yes you could find some spell to sumon a ghost-(heed my warning though") ( I have just started to be physically harmed because my friends sumoned one somehow and they can't stop it nor a priest I asked the priest said its a powerfull demon _ so all I can tell you is either don't do it or prepare for something harmfull)
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Lisa Thomas answered
Ok first of all you don't cast a spell to see ghosts, to see ghosts you have to have a gift, it's called being a medium and why would you want to see ghosts? Do you want to see ghosts or summon them? Because if you want to see them then you need to become a medium and if you want to summon them then you have to have a very good reason and summoning a ghost is very dangerous if you don't know what you are doing you will open your self up for some things that are not of this world so be careful.
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You don't want to do that. Usually when you summon them, you get the worst ones, and you don't want to be harassed by them. It is a real pain to get rid of them. Hope this helps you out.

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